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An on-the-go tallow stick for dry skin & lips, minor burns, rashes, scrapes, skin irritations and more!

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All OWN Tallow skincare is formulated to be a multitasking essential for the whole family, designed to deeply nourish, hydrate + rejuvenate skin with powerhouse all-in-one formulas with no nasties!

Less is More.

We believe a few products that multitask far outweigh a multi-step skincare routine.

Our skincare has complex + quality ingredients that yield amazing results.


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  • What is Tallow?

    The tallow in OWN skin care is rendered from 100% grass fed + finished Canadian beef suet. Tallow is filled with an abundance of vitamins + minerals and it is completely natural + scentless.

  • Why Use Tallow?

    Tallow is an excellent moisturizer that is deeply nourishing to skin. It is a natural nutrient powerhouse with many beneficial vitamins and minerals, making it an incredible skin food for all skin types!

  • Why OWN Tallow?

    Our tallow skincare is made in BC, Canada with 100% natural ingredients. OWN skincare is perfect for normal + acne prone skin as well as soothing dry + sensitive skin, eczema and other skin ailments.

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Truly Healing

Tallow is known for it's amazing healing properties for eczema, dry patches, minor scrapes, rashes and many other skin ailments

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The Tallow Scoop

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A Simple Tallow Skincare Routine

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