Less Is More: Why Tallow Will Simplify Your Skincare Routine

If you're anything like us, we're not into the multi-step, multi-product skin care routines that are marketed to us like crazy these days. There are so many products and steps that are extremely overwhelming (and albeit, expensive!).

Do we really need to have 8 different products to apply to our skin in a certain order, when we have tallow options that have all the benefits (and more) of those many products combined into one, simple, easy step?

Tallow fits the bill when it comes to skincare. And I mean, skincare for a range of ages and skin types. Because tallow has such a well-rounded and complex nutrient makeup, it actually fills a lot of the "requirements" that traditional multi-step routines provide. Tallow is a good fit for skin because it shares a very very similar biology to our own skin's natural oil and it's absorbed by our skin so much better than vegan oils (and it has none of the nasties that come along with most skincare products!).

Here's a quick list of tallow's amazing qualities:

  • Rich in minerals
  • Loaded with vitamins:
    • Vitamin A: promotes youthful skin, acne clearing
    • Vitamin D: softens skin, moisturizes
    • Vitamin K: improves skin's ability to heal, fights free radical damage
    • Vitamin E: minimizes scar appearance, reduces flaky skin
    • Vitamin B12: promotes collagen production and healthy cell growth
  • Contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid: reduces inflammation and puffiness
  • Full of Omega 7: promotes collagen production and moisturizes at a cellular level
  • Contains Palmitic Acid: improves barrier function of skin to keep the nasties out
  • Naturally occurring Stearic Acid: Helps repair damaged skin and improve skin's flexibility and suppleness

You can read a more extensive deep dive here.

 Our go-to simple face routine is:

  • Cleanse - wash your face with whatever you prefer in the morning or at night to remove your makeup (I personally love a simple microfiber cloth and water, it does a great job). You can also use your tallow to gently help get your makeup off and the mascara off/from under your eyes.
  • Apply your tallow!
    • Morning (before makeup): Tallow Whip
      • Our NUDE & Vanilla can both be used on your face, they are both super gentle! Use NUDE if you have ultra sensitive skin.
      • A little goes a long way! Use less if it feels greasy (your 100ml jar will last you awhile!)
    • Evening: Tallow Whip or Tallow Balm
      • Balms are great if you need an extra punch of moisture or healing properties (scarring/acne/flaky skin/eczema). However, if you don't have dry skin, whip works great. Our Nude Balm is simply (yet jam packed with goodness) Tallow & Jojoba, but you can also use Better Balm if your skin needs the extra healing powers of the herbal infusion. 

Not sure what product is best for you? Send us a message here or on our Insta and we'll help you out!


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