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NUDE Tallow Balm

NUDE Tallow Balm

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OWN NUDE Tallow Balm is completely unscented. It is great for extra sensitive skin, kids + babies. Nude is a great option if you prefer unscented products.

Tallow balm truly is the swiss army knife of skincare products. It nourishes, moisturizes, soothes, hydrates, aids in healing and can help balance oil production for acne prone skin all while being extremely gentle and 100% natural.

Tallow balm is a highly concentrated, deeply hydrating and more solid version of our Tallow Whip. It's ideal for anything that needs a more concentrated application including elbows, heals, hands, scrapes, rashes, eczema, scars, stretch marks and dry patches.

Our NUDE Balm is a favourite for baby's bum (and it comes in a convenient mini size for your diaper bag) because of it's smooth but concentrated application. It works wonders on skin irritation!

For a lighter, fluffier application of tallow, try our Tallow Whip. For additional healing properties, our Better Balm is also amazing!  

A little balm goes a very long way!

INGREDIENTS: 100% Grass Fed/Finished Canadian Beef Tallow, Jojoba Oil.

Available in a 60ml tin and a 15ml sample/travel size.

All of our ingredients are 100% natural and good for your skin - you can feel confident putting OWN products on your body. 


Using a clean, dry finger take a small amount of balm and apply to skin.

For increased absorption, apply to damp skin (after washing your face or just out of the shower is perfect).

If you feel greasy at all, try applying less. A little goes a long way!

Balm is very concentrated, for a lighter application we suggest our Whip.

What is Tallow?

OWN tallow is rendered from 100% grass fed + finished beef suet. Tallow is deeply nourishing to skin, making it an amazing moisturizer. It contains many beneficial vitamins (A, D, K, E, + B12) and minerals. Tallow is similar to skin's natural sebum, making it superior to other oils and moisturizing agents. It helps repair damaged skin, improve dry skin, protect your skin and regenerate your skin for healthy, youthful + glowing skin. Tallow is known for it's amazing healing properties for eczema prone skin, dry patches, minor scrapes, rashes and many other skin ailments. Find more info here.

No Nasties!

OWN skin care products do not contain any highly processed or inflammatory oils. OWN products also don't contain any artificial fragrance oils (yuck!). We only include natural ingredients that are healthy for you and your skin. Our skincare is made from 100% natural ingredients - truly healing + healthy.

Pregnancy + Baby

We recommend only using our NUDE (unscented) and healing items during pregnancy and on babies + kids.

Our NUDE Whip & Balm are perfect for growing bellies, stretch marks + baby's sensitive skin.

For external use only.

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