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VANILLA Tallow Whip

VANILLA Tallow Whip

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Our luxurious Vanilla Tallow Whip speaks for itself with its subtle but rich scent. It is scented with Vanilla Planifola Extract which gives the whip a sweet, true + creamy vanilla scent (no artificial fragrance oils!). 

Tallow Whip is a luxe whipped moisturizer for face + body. It is a natural nutrient powerhouse for all skin types. It is also soothing to dry + sensitive skin, eczema and other skin ailments. 

Whip is a skincare essential that will elevate your routine. It blends seamlessly into your skin, providing deep hydration and a natural, healthy glow. It leaves your skin soft, hydrated and radiant. 

Tallow Whip has a fluffy, velvety consistency that glides effortlessly over skin, without feeling greasy. Whip is preferred for applying to large parts of the body. For a more concentrated application (perfect for face, hands, elbows, dry patches, etc.) check out our Tallow Balm.

A little whip goes a very long way! 

Tallow whip comes in NUDE (completely unscented, recommended for kids and extra sensitive skin) and Vanilla.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Grass Fed/Finished Canadian Beef Tallow, Organic Canadian Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) Oil, Vanilla Planifolia Extract.

Available in a 25ml sample/travel size jar and a 100ml jar.

All of our ingredients are 100% natural and good for your skin - you can feel confident putting OWN products on your body. 


Using a clean, dry finger take a small amount of whip and apply to skin.

For increased absorption, apply to damp skin (after washing your face or just out of the shower is perfect).

If you feel greasy at all, try applying less. A little goes a long way!

What is Tallow?

OWN tallow is rendered from 100% grass fed + finished beef suet. Tallow is deeply nourishing to skin, making it an amazing moisturizer. It contains many beneficial vitamins (A, D, K, E, + B12) and minerals. Tallow is similar to skin's natural sebum, making it superior to other oils and moisturizing agents. It helps repair damaged skin, improve dry skin, protect your skin and regenerate your skin for healthy, youthful + glowing skin. Tallow is known for it's amazing healing properties for eczema prone skin, dry patches, minor scrapes, rashes and many other skin ailments. Find more info here.

No Nasties!

OWN skin care products do not contain any highly processed or inflammatory oils. OWN products also don't contain any artificial fragrance oils (yuck!). We only include natural ingredients that are healthy for you and your skin. Our skincare is made from 100% natural ingredients - truly healing + healthy.


Because this item contains extracts or essential oils we don't recommend using it on babies or kids, try our unscented NUDE or HEALING options instead!

For external use only. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult with your physician prior to use. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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